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Board of Pilot Commissioners For the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun
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Harbors and Navigation Code, Division 5-- Pilots for Monterey Bay, and the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun

California Code of Regulations, Title 7--Harbors and Navigation, Division 2--Board of Pilot Commissioners


Surcharge Implementation 1st Quarter, 2016

Service Code & Charge Listing, 2015

Service Code & Charge Definitions

PILOT FITNESS REGULATIONS (Approved by OAL on January 24, 2014, effective April 1, 2014.)

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun (Board) proposes to adopt the administrative regulations described below after considering all comments, objections and recommendations regarding the proposed action.

Proposed Regulatory Action (rulemaking now complete)

The Board proposes to repeal existing Section 217 and in lieu of that adopt new Sections 217 through 217.45 in Title 7 of the California Code of Regulations in order to implement, interpret and make specific Harbors and Navigation Code sections 1176 and 1176.5 relating to the determination of suitability of persons performing the duties of pilots and pilot trainees. The regulatory change would also affect other related provisions by amending Section 202 concerning definitions as well as provisions in Sections 216, 218, 219, and 221 in Title 7 of the California Code of Regulations.

Fitness Regulations - Express Terms (.pdf)

Fitness Regulations - Notice, July 26, 2013 (.pdf)

Fitness Regulations - Initial Statement of Reasons (.pdf)

Fitness Regulations - Forms, combined (.pdf)

Fitness Regulations - Final Statement of Reasons (.pdf)


The Board of Pilot Commissioners Pilot Fitness Committee is pleased to present a study titled"Pilot Fitness Study for the Board of Pilot Commissioners for the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun" (.pdf) prepared by Dr. Robert Kosnik, M.D. of the University of California San Francisco Medical Center.

The study is the product of Dr. Kosnik's extensive research and the results of a series of public workshops conducted by the Committee that commenced on April 16, 2009. We believe the study and its recommendations will be of great value to the Board as it considers advances in pilot fitness standards and oversight. While the Board may not adopt every recommendation contained in the study,its various Committees will use thisto guide them in developing future policy.

Pilot Fitness Committee Chairman, Captain Steve Roberts, would like to express his appreciation to Dr. Kosnik for his work, and to the subject matter experts who are his colleagues on the Pilot Fitness Committee and who contributed so much to the success of the endeavor - Brigadier General Chester Ward (U.S. Army, Retired), M.D., and Mrs. Barbara A. Price, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Alameda County Medical Center.